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October 2013
US Single Distance Championship/American Cup/World Cup Trials. Broke 2 personal records or PR for 1,500 and 5,000 meters. Ranked #1 in the US Overall for 5,000 meters age group.

February 2013
US National Age Group Long Track Speed Skating Championship. Gold, 1500 Meters. Silver, 500 Meters; Bronze, 800 Meters; Bronze, 1000 Meters; Bronze, 3000 Meters; Bronze, US Overall Points.

January 2013
January 5th-6th, 2013. Masters International Long Track Speed Skating Championship. Bronze, 1500 Meters. Age Group Nationals: Silver, 2-500 Meters Points; Silver, 1000 Meters; Silver, 5000 Meters.

October 2012
2012 Franklin Park Barrel Buster Classic Short Track Meet. 3rd Place, 1500M Final; 3rd Place, 500M Final; 3rd Place, 1000M Final; 3rd Place Overall. 

August 2012
2012 Cornerstone Short Track Meet- Greenbay, WI. 3rd Place, 1500M Final; 3rd Place, 500M Final; 3rd Overall.

February 2012
2012 American Cup III (Group B). 2nd Place, 1500M Final (B); 3rd Place, 1500M Super-Final (B)

October 2011
2011 American Cup (Group B). 1st Place, 500M. 

September 2011
2011 Eastern States Championship-  Bronze Medal, Overall Championship. 

February 2011
Champaign Short Track Speed Skating Championships-  2nd Place, 1000M; 3rd Place, 500M and 3000M Relay.

September 2010
NIRA: National Inline Racing Association. Silver medal, World-Class (Pro) Division, 3000M Relay. 

July 2010
USA National Inline Speed Skating Championship. 4th Place, 1000M. Ranked Fourth Overall in the U.S.

May 2010 
Southern Regional Championship. Bronze, 500M and 1000M. 


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